August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Understanding the striking difference between Asian and Western women

Before you set out on your path for dating Asian women, it will do you good to understand the striking difference between Asian and Western women before browsing on Asian dating sites. When you have decided to pursue cute Asian girls, you have to know that Asia is a very big continent. You cannot begin to generalize women from this vast continent as Chinese women will be different from Japanese women and Indonesian women will be way different from Philippine women.

Asian womenThe flip side of this argument will be that women will always be women, regardless of where they come from. In other words, you will find the same type of engine under the car’s hood despite trying to make out the differences through an online dating profile. It is a myth that Asian women are more emotionally stable than their Western counterparts and that they are intellectually inferior or inconsistent when compared with their western counterparts. You simply cannot generalize like this when you are seeking dominant Asian women.

Three striking differences can be found between Asian women and western women. Exotic Asian girls are more feminine, sensitive and give big importance to family and cultural values. You can expect these traits not only among women you will come across in Shanghai or Tokyo but you will find the same upbringing and values among women from rural areas of Vietnam, South Korea or Malaysia.

western women

It could also be observed that Western women may look sexually more attractive and appealing than their Asian counterparts. When you look at beautiful Asian women images, do not expect them to be jumping into bed with you at the drop of a hat. Asian women do not use sex as a potent weapon unlike their many western women. This is not to say that Asian women do not like sex; they do but they give more importance to the financial and emotional security of their date and their future husbands. Western women give more importance to their financial independence and their career while Asian women may even sacrifice their career pursuit if they would like to settle down and become housewives to look after their husbands.

An important thing that you need to remember when you look at hot Asian women photos is that they would like to come out fast on to you with their love confessions. For example, a very basic way of beginning to date Western men among Japanese women is by giving them a love confession or a `kokuhaku’ as they call it. This tradition is telling their dates that they like them and that they are keen on going on a date with them, even if there is no love involved at the moment. The biggest difference between Asian and Western women is that the latter do not look to their men to support them or their family; they are willing to stand on their won feet. Asian women respect their men and will wait for their consent before pursuing a career and not give them full time and support at home when it comes to handling the kitchen and rearing up a family.

Cute Asian ladies are well aware, unlike their western counterparts, that they are not so perfect and they do not assign any blame on men for any problems or issues they may have. When you are looking for Asian women, you may appreciate the fact that they will not put themselves on a pedestal in a way that most Western women do. This great characteristic of Asian females brings in humility and gives greater hope and scope to a long lasting relationship when both partners can readily admit to their faults or wrongs. This type of humility, which is sometimes lacking completely among Western women, can always keep a relationship strong and successful.

In conclusion, the virtues and the ideals to which Asian women subscribe to in their continent are vastly different from those subscribed by their western counterparts. It has been found today that flirting and having sex for fun instead of as a weapon for power are being practiced to a greater extent among Asian women than in the Western countries. Another big observation is that exotic Asian girls like Western men for their chivalry because they will hold the doors open for them in public places and they will foot the bills when they go on dates with them.