Why Beautiful Latin Women Don’t Get Post-Summer Blues?

Have you ever wondered why beautiful Latin women do not get post-summer blues? Why don’t we see millions of Latin American girls on social media complaining about depression and sadness triggered by the end of summer and the beginning of colder weather in the first few days and weeks of September?

The answer might be less sophisticated than you thought. The first reason why Costa Rican women don’t need to beat post-summer blues in September is that South America’s seasons are the opposite of Europe’s and North America’s.

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Weather in Costa Rica and the Southern Hemisphere

When it’s getting cold in the Northern Hemisphere in autumn (September to November), countries in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy what is known as spring in the Northern part. That is the top reason why we don’t see Costa Rica ladies complain about post-summer blues when September comes.

Generally, Costa Rica has two seasons: the rainy (green) and the dry season. The period between December and April is the dry season, where most parts of the country see little to no rain.

It’s called the dry season because it’s literally dry everywhere in this period. In May, it begins to rain in most parts of the country, and the raining intensifies in September through October.

When is the Summer in Costa Rica?

For Costa Rica single women, the period between September and November (what’s called “spring” in the Southern Hemisphere) is exactly what spring means to people living in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the period when we wait for the summer.

So, there aren’t any post-summer blues in September in Costa Rica, because the period between September and November triggers the pre-summer excitement. In case you’re wondering, the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere fall between December and February.

But even when the summer months come to an end in Costa Rica, local women in Costa Rica still don’t experience post-summer blues. This brings us to the second reason: Costa Rica single women are born with a happier and brighter personality.

Beautiful Latin Women Are the Happiest

People in South America are the happiest. That’s not an assumption. That’s actually a fact.

In 2014, Gallup released its Positive Experience Index, which measured happiness levels in all countries around the globe. The U.S.-based analytics company interviewed about 1,000 men and women in each country on Earth to determine the happiest countries on our planet.

As it turned out, the 10 happiest countries in the list were all in Latin America. Is it a coincidence? Far from it. And the results have nothing to do with finances or politics.

The questions that were asked included, “Did you experience enjoyment, smile, laugh, feel well-rested, think you were treated with respect, learn or did something interesting the day before the interview?”

Interestingly, Costa Rica came in eighth in the top 10 of the world’s happiest countries. Paraguay topped the list, with Colombia and Ecuador being placed second and third, respectively.

But why are people in Costa Rica and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere happier than people in the Northern Hemisphere?

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Why Are Women in the Southern Hemisphere Happier?

If you compare the priorities and lifestyles of women in Latin America and those of people living in the Northern Hemisphere, you will notice a stark difference.

For people in North America, Europe, and other modern industrialized regions, making money, being successful, climbing the career ladder, and accumulating wealth are the top priorities.

By contrast, for women from Costa Rica and other people living in Hemisphere, family and community are at the top of their priority list. However, that does not mean that Latin women do not earn a living.

The biggest difference in the mindset of people between these people is that people in the Southern Hemisphere work to live. People in the “modern” regions, meanwhile, seem to live to work.

If you explore the Costa Rican dating culture, you’ll notice that people there spend considerably more time with their family and friends than people in Western countries.

Seize the Moment to Beat Post-Summer Blues

Another major difference between people in South America and people in North America is that southern people live for today. Yes, they still make plans and have goals for the future, but they know how to enjoy their life to the fullest and live the moment.

People in Western countries, on the other hand, seem not to know how to seize the moment and live for the present. There are so many things you can enjoy in the present. You can love, have fun, and laugh. Those are the things you can do regardless of whether you have money and irrespective of who the president is.

There is a popular Latin aphorism: “Carpe diem,” which means “seize the day.” Is you are dating a Costa Rica woman, don’t be surprised if she seems happier and more enthusiastic and positive than you are all the time. It’s just the way Costa Rican women are.

So, if you’re struggling with post-summer blues (understandably, you live in the Northern Hemisphere), we suggest you find someone in the Southern Hemisphere to talk to. It doesn’t have to be someone for a romantic relationship. Look for a friend. Look for someone to learn from and look up to.

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